Sommer Hvede

Sommer Hvede


Skovlyst Sommer Hvede

Brewery: Skovlyst

Type: Wheat (with fruit infusion)

Alcohol: 2.7%

Country: Denmark

Here is a new one from my pals at Skovlyst brewery. It is a wheat beer infused with elderflower and grape fruit! How could I not buy that to try? Who makes grapefruit beer? Well it is certainly interesting, yes that is one thing i can say. It is amazingly sweet, it tastes like grapefruit soda. It might as well be soda with an alcohol of only 2.7%. You really get the sweetened taste of grapefruit and then the bitter weird flavor of elderflower afterwards, my wife says it tastes like vomit.  I was not really impressed with some of their other beers, this is not changing my mind. I guess if you don’t like beer and you can’t get wine coolers then this is for you.

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