Recipe: Farmhouse Stout AKA Grey Metal

Recipe: Farmhouse Stout AKA Grey Metal

What happens when you have some apple isolated experimental yeast called Vandregær freshly harvested and a vial of Yeast Bay's Wallonian saison that is about to expire? Well you make a beer and split it in half and pitch both yeasts for a side by side farmhouse throw-down. What you probably didn't see coming was that this is no ordinary farmhouse beer. The dark powers overtook us and we were powerless to stop ourselves from throwing in all the darkest of malts. Roasted barley, black malt, carafa special, chocolate, dark crystal...the darkness consumes our innocent wort and transforms it into a farmhouse stout!

This grist is loosely based on the grist for Jester King's Black Metal farmhouse stout. That is an imperial stout, this is a standard stout. 


4.5 kg Pale Ale (castle)

150 g cara blond 20 EBC (Castle)

150 g  Cara Gold 120 EBC (castle)

500 g Belgian Wheat (castle)

420 g Rye Malt (castle)

200 g carafa 3

250 g chocolate

200 g roasted barley

100 g Black patent


18.5 liter of water in the mash. Held @ 68 C for 1 hour

1st runnings 12 L @ 1.083

2nd runnings 10 L @ 1.041

3rd runnings 9.5 L @ 1.020

Pre Boil Volume 31.5 L @ 1.056


Only a bittering charge was added and these two hops were used just to get rid of some small packages of hop leftovers.

19 g herkules 14% alpha @ 60 min [28.8 IBU]

19 g Nugget  12% alpha @ 60 min. [25.9 IBU}


Racked and split about 20 liters of wort into two 11 liter PET fermenters.

Harvested Vandregær slurry from primary fermentation of the Nordic American Farmhouse IPA and pitched it into one fermenter

Pitched one tube of Yeast Bay Wallonian Saison yeast into the other

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