Peanut Butter Porter

Peanut Butter Porter

While peanut butter tuborg might not have worked out great, I know from experience that peanut butter porter can be an entirely different story. I first heard about this style from my brother, who had it at a bar in Michigan. The last time I went to the US it seemed that this play on the style was everywhere. So I thought why not give it a shot? Be sure to check out the video review I did of this beer down at the bottom.

The Recipe

The recipe is based on the robust porter recipe from Brewing Classic Styles by Jamil Zainasheff and John Palmer. I modified it to fit what I had on hand, but I wanted a tried and true porter recipe for this experiment. Batch size: 20L


5 kg Maris Otter

540 g Munich

360 g Cara Blond

280 g Chocolate

190 g Black patent Crushed super fine as an efficiency experiment. I did get a good efficiency but almost stuck my mash.

Mash Schedule

Recipe called for a single infusion mash at 69 C

When I mashed in I was only at 65 C

Added 2 liters of boiling water

Rested at 68 for 45 minutes

Boil Additions

5 g cascade first wort (yeah I don't know why I did this) 14 g Chinook @ 60 min 12 g East Kent Goldings @ 15 min 8 g Cascade @ 15 min 14 g East Kent Golding @ 5 min 30 g East Kent Goldings @ 0 min


Ended up only collecting 17.5 liters of good wort. The peanut butter powder and hops really increased the trub loss.

OG: 1.062

Chilled and aerated with pure O2 then pitch a packet of Safale 04 (no rehydrate)

Racked to Secondary after 2 weeks and "dry peanut buttered" with 70 grams more powdered peanut butter

FG: 1.014

Kegged with 75 g white table sugar

Video Review of Porter

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