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Zero Gravity Brett IPA

Zero Gravity Brett IPA


Rocket Brewing Co. Zero Gravity Brett IPA Brewery: Rocket Brewing Co.

Type: 100% brett fermentation

Alcohol: 7.1%

Country: Denmark

Rocket Brewing Co. is one of the newest breweries in Denmark. Their beer has only been on the market for a few months now, and already it's in high demand and forced them to up their production. I myself have tried twice now to procure these elusive brews on my last two trips to Copenhagen. Now thanks to some shadowy connections and back room deals I have all four of Rocket Brewing's premiere lineup. Today on Rocket week we have Zero Gravity Brett IPA. This is Rocket's 100% brett fermented hoppy ale. If you are not aware, gravity in a beer refers to how much sugar is left in solution when the beers is done fermenting. Brett is known for eating through everything and getting the gravity to zero. Hence the name! All the bottles contain a captain's log on the side of bottle. I shall place that on screen for you now sir.

Captain’s Log: Life for the spaceman is a constant longing for weightlessness. To reach Zero Gravity is to be suspended in a state where no sense of weight is imposed on the body. It is absolute freedom of the body and soul, without inhibitions, restrictions, or boundaries; stress and strain free. Zero Gravity is the spaceman’s drug. Zero is also the Gravity and name of this brett IPA of 6.7 % ABV, brewed with hops, malt, brettanomyces yeast and water. Brewed and bottled in Denmark.

The newest buzz in the beer world (or oldest depending on when you read this) is 100% brett fermented beers, mainly IPAs and pales ales. It's something I actually think is cool. A new frontier in fermentation, maybe the final frontier depending on how cynical you are regarding the lack of beer style innovation recently. I have had some truly amazing 100% brett beers, so I have high hopes here.

The beer pours a pretty burnt orange color. The massive head cascades up from the pour, but high carbonation is perfectly natural in a brett beer, so no worries there. The smell is certainly all about the brett, but more orchard then barnyard. Bright fruit tones the brett and hops mingling make a pleasant citrus funk. Actually pleasant citrus funk could be the name of this beer (or a band). First off I am going to take a detour from the flavor and talk about the dryness. The dryness is substantial. When they say zero gravity they aint kiddin. It is bone dry, it is actually more like whatever is past bones on the dryness scale. I find it an interesting mouthfeel for a beer, for sure something different, but it could be off-putting for some. Ok now back to your regularly scheduled tasting.

The flavor is brett and brett modified fruit. Like I said before it's not the usual striking brett flavor, but more mellow in the funk with a lean towards intensifying hop flavor. I have heard other reviews who point to more rubbery and burned flavors, which can happen with brett fermentations. At least in my bottle I didn't have any of this. The brett flavor was nice and balanced with no harshness or off flavors. The hops were piney and citrus goodness which played well with the funk that did seep in and there was a firm and bold bitterness on the end. Between the bitterness from the hops and the ultra dryness from the low gravity this beer is a workout for your mouth. While I may find it interesting but I can maybe see why this beer has gotten some mixed reviews. I actually really liked this beer, it was a refreshing drinking experience. it also filled the room with an amazing funky fruity aroma which always gets extra points in my book.

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