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Störtebeker Schwarzbier

Störtebeker Schwarzbier


Störtebeker Schwarzbier Brewery: Störtebeker

Type: schwarzbier

Alcohol: 5%

Country: Germany

So earlier I wrote about the first schwarzbier I ever tried, and of course it is one of my favorites. Now though I will be writing about my favorite schwarbier of all time. Störtebeker schwarzbier  is an awesome awesome beer. The pour is not as jet black as some other beers of this type, but it is still nice and schwarz. It smells of dark roasted malts and fresh bread. It has a smooth and chocolate taste that gives way to an abundant coffee aftertaste. Nice mellow roasted malt and not very bitter. Very refreshing and an awesome example of a German Schwarzbier. It was tough to admit it, but this beer overtook Köstritzer as my favorite schwarzbier. It is now one of the first beers I seek out in the shop when I am in Germany.


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