Recipe: I Left my Hearts in Kalamazoo

Recipe: I Left my Hearts in Kalamazoo

Bell's Two hearted Ale is one of my favorite beers of all time. I was lucky enough to get a case of it when I was home last, but that won't last forever. So i have scoured the net looking for clone recipes and here is one I have put together using ingredients I can source here. I will have to do a side by side with one of my last two hearted bottles when it is done.

Recipe Name: I Left my Hearts in Kalamazoo

Beer Type: American IPA

Brew Type: All Grain

Brewer: Alex Rock

Equipment: 32 Liter (8 Gal) pot and 45 liter (10 Gal) Cooler mash tun



4.2 Kg (9 Ib 4 oz) marris otter

910 g (2 Ib) Vienna malt

230 g (.5 Ib) caramel/crystal light

150 g (.33 Ib) cara-pils/dextrine


centennial: 14 grams (.5 oz) at 0 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and a 10 g (.35 oz) flame out addition and another 14 grams (.5 oz) dryhopping for 14 days in secondary

Cascade: 14g (.5 oz) dryhop 14 days in secondary


I used Safale S-05 American Ale dry yeast, you could also use white labs 1056 American Ale or similar. The perfect thing to do would be to culture a strain of Bell's own yeast from a bottle and use it for the perfect clone. I plan to try and do this from a few bottles of the real Two Hearted I have.


Whirlfloc tablet at 50 minutes